Our authors at the Comic Festival in Munich, Germany

Robert Crumb and Gilbert Shelton, two of our great — and the world’s greatest! — comic authors, are currently attending the Comic Festival in Munich (check it out here)hauptmotiv

Robert is the festival’s special guest and the Germans are quite thrilled to have him. Here are only two of the many articles and reviews:

The Tagesspiegel calls Robert and his wife Aline the “royal couple of the comic scene” and finds them “self-ironic, adroit and brutally honest” – a mixture that seemingly enthralled the audience at the festivals opening artitst’s talk. (Read the whole article here.)

The news magazine n-tv chimes in with that praise, calling Crumb a “legend”, “the most significant and influential american comic artist” and his works “cultural treasures”. (You can find the whole article here.)

The festival has only just started, so stay tuned for more news!

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