We are very pleased to announce that the Lora Fountain Literary Agency is representing Alan Moore’s groundbreaking novel, JERUSALEM, in all territories.

Alan Moore

Weighing in at 614,000+ words, JERUSALEM is already causing a stir in literary circles, and the momentum is sure to keep building as word gets around. It will be published in late 2015 by Knockabout in the UK, and North American rights are currently under offer.

Although he is best known as an author of graphic novels – FROM HELL, WATCHMEN, V FOR VENDETTA and THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN – Alan Moore is no newcomer to prose fiction.

His first novel, VOICE OF THE FIRE, was published in 1996 and is still in print. Here are just a few of the comments it earned:

“A burning bush of a novel full of earthy wonder and wisdom, Voice of the Fire is a head-spinning trip down time’s sacred whirlpool.”  — Richard Gehr, Village Voice

“Part mythic cycle, part fictional history of Moore’s hometown, part collection of fireside ghost stories, Voice of the Fire is as clever and well-crafted as Moore’s other genre experiments, and by taking his dialogue out of word-balloons and panel arrangements, it gives his limitless literary ambition room to stretch out into new and fascinating forms.” — Tasha Robinson, The Onion AV Club

“A daring, unsettling work of literature.”  Locus

“Remarkable, savage and, at times, unbearably beautiful.”  Time Out

“Alan takes genuine risks and justifies them: you feel, all the way, the rush of discovery; authorial privilege endangered by the savage voices he allows into his head.”  — Iain Sinclair

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