Rizzoli have just acquired the Italian rights for THE MECHANICAL MIND OF JOHN COGGIN by Elinor Teele from the Steven Chudney Agency.

Here’s the synopsis:

Roald Dahl meets dynamite in this action-packed, quirky middle grade adventure novel.

John Peregrine Waters knows there is no time to waste. His horrible Great Aunt Beauregard (“Remember, bleakness builds character!”) is all set to put his younger sister, Page, to work in the family coffin business. If they don’t escape now, they’ll be up to their eyeballs in corpses for the rest of their lives.

And so they make their escape. Accompanied by an accident-prone acrobat named Boz, John and Page embark on a series of improbable, rollicking adventures. Fireworks, chocolate cake, and exploding chicken poo mix with battles, blood and heartbreak.
When Great Aunt Beauregard finally gets her hands on Page, it will take all of John’s wits and imagination (and a little help from Boz) to save his sister from a fate worse than death.

THE MECHANICAL MIND OF JOHN COGGIN is loads of fun, peppered with entertaining wordplay and oddball characters.

US publication is scheduled for Winter/Spring 2016 by the Walden Pond imprint at HarperCollins.

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