Delilah Dirk and the King's Shilling

The second book of action-packed adventures of Delilah Dirk doesn’t come out until March from First Second , but it has already received two excellent (starred!) reviews:

From School Library Journal:

 DELILAH DIRK AND THE KING’S SHILLING  by Tony Cliff                        [February 2016]

“Delilah Dirk has a chip on her shoulder. Of late, she lashes out at anyone who wounds her pride or name, even when the danger is great. As in Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant (First Second, 2012), her faithful friend Selim acts as the voice of reason, but stopping a resolute Delilah proves to be nearly impossible. So when a traitorous British soldier threatens her good reputation, she pursues him, bent on his downfall. England does not welcome her back, and with redcoats chasing her, she reluctantly takes refuge with her privileged family. This position gives her an advantage, but her headstrong attitude jeopardizes all: her chance at success, survival, and her bonds. Frustration and tension have a bigger presence than humor in this volume, but we get more character and relationship development because of this. Colors are key to setting the tone; when this duo arrive in England, the hues take on an overcast brown to match how stifled Delilah feels. Fortunately, heart-pounding action sequences chase such clouds away every time. VERDICT Another whirlwind adventure that builds upon Cliff’s unifying factor—true friendship.”

And the second is from Kirkus Reviews:

 DELILAH DIRK AND THE KING’S SHILLING                                                [January 15, 2016]

“Delilah and Selim head to England in this sequel to Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant (2013). Delilah Dirk, an English gentlewoman, and Erdemoglu Selim, a former Turkish janissary, have now been unlikely friends and traveling companions for two years. Their escapades are derailed, however, when they encounter a corrupt British army officer while traveling across Portugal during the Peninsular War. Angered by Delilah’s open lack of respect for his position, Maj. Jason Merrick decides to blame her for his own treasonous activities. She resolves (over Selim’s practical protests) to pursue Maj. Merrick back to England—ostensibly to protect her reputation but clearly also to settle their increasingly personal feud. Cliff’s vibrant art continues to thrill during the many daring rescues, narrow escapes, and thrilling swordfights, conveying not just the action, but also Delilah’s irrepressible love of danger and derring-do. The illustrations and script also shine during the story’s quieter moments of humor and heart. England tests Delilah and Selim’s friendship, especially as he discovers how much she hasn’t shared about her family and past, and both are fish out of water when it comes to proper behavior in elegant British society. The character development adds welcome depth to an already absorbing adventure. Irresistible and exhilarating. ”

Here’s the cover of DELILAH DIRK AND THE TURKISH LIEUTENANT, the first book in this rollicking series:


Buckle your swashes, here they come!


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