NIL Is Now Out in France!


“How can you escape from an island that doesn’t exist?”


The French edition of NIL by Lynne Matson has just come out from Pocket Jeunesse, and the first reactions are great!

A bookseller from the FNAC in Lille says:

Si vous avez aimé Lost, croyez moi vous allez adorer Nil. Lynne Matson nous fait voyager vers d’autres horizons et nous transporte dans un monde pleins de mystères. On découvre Charley qui se retrouve prise au piège d’une île, dans un enfer plus vrai que nature. A découvrir de toute urgence.

(If you liked Lost, believe me, you’re going to love NIL. Lynne Matson takes us on a trip toward other horizons and transports us into a world full of mystery. We discover Charley, who finds herself trapped on an island, in a hell that is larger than life. A must read.)



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