Four New Sales for Planeta Cómic!

We are very pleased to announce two French sales for Planeta Cómic titles:




First of all, Dupuis have snapped up the rights to  INTEMPERIE(Out in the Open), the forthcoming graphic novel adaptation by Javi Rey of Jesus Carrasco’s aclaimed novel.

This powerful story is definitely not to be missed!










The second French sale is for the hilarious LAS ABUELAS DAN EL GOLPE (The Grannies Strike) by Raquel Franco and Cristina Bueno, which will be published by Steinkis. Don’t miss this bank heist with a twist!








And finally, we can add two sales to American publisher IDW for world English-language rights to: TOMAS FALSAS

TOMAS FALSAS by José Fonollosa, which takes the mickey out of contemporary cultural icons. (Coming next from the same author, a parody of Pokemon Go!)


And LOS MITOS DE CTHULHU DE LOVECRAFT by Estéban Maroto takes on the classic horror story by H.P. Lovecraft.MITOS

All other translation rights to these titles, and others published by Planeta Cómic are still available, so contact us if you’d like to see them in your territory.

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