TOO MUCH LIP on Stella Prize Shortlist!


Melissa Lucashenko’s TOO MUCH LIP (UQP) is one of the six finalists for the 2019 Stella Prize for extraordinary books by Australian women!


The judges’ report says:

Too Much Lip is a fearless, searing and unvarnished portrait of generational trauma cut through with acerbic humour. A family drama a hundred years in the making unfolds in the fictional town of Durrongo as a sacred island is under threat from developers, aided by a corrupt council official born to thievery.

The novel’s cast of utterly believable characters is superbly drawn, as is the country in which the novel is set – a magical landscape animated by mocking crows and a vengeful shark.

There is no artifice in Lucashenko’s prose, which is stripped to the bone in a close study of secrecy and its consequences. Too Much Lip moves effortlessly in the telling: dangling from the precipice where ghosts emerge to tell inexorable truths to a serene bend on the river alive with lyrical magic realism.

Ultimately, Too Much Lip reaffirms the power of family and the frayed ties that still bind.


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