New from First Second: LAST PICK by Jason Walz


An alien abduction has left behind only those younger than sixteen, older than sixty-five, or too “disabled” to work. In other words, people who weren’t a threat—until now. Twins Sam and Wyatt are ready to chuck their labels, break free from their captors, and inspire others to do the same. It’s time for “the last picked” to step into the game.

Vivid world-building and a fast-paced adventure mix in a beautiful story of sibling devotion. With humor and action, Last Pick shares an empowering message about the dangers of labeling and writing people off.

(First of three books with book 2 in Fall 2019.)


★”A masterful sci-fi tale with relatable characters, skillful worldbuilding, and cinematically designed illustrations that convey his message.”Kirkus Review, starred review

★”Strong character development, atmospheric art, villainous aliens, snappy banter, cheerworthy protagonists, and well-executed suspense should give this lots of broad appeal.” Booklist, starred review


Jason Walz’s debut graphic novel Homesick, was nominated for an Eisner in 2014.

The full PDF is available now.



KID GLOVES Is Coming Soon!

Lucy Knisley, author of RELISH: MY LIFE IN THE KITCHEN,  has captured a toddler tantrum perfectly!

Lucy Knisley - Toddler tantrum

“I took my kid to get a haircut last weekend. I think, in time, I’ll recover.”

She knows what she’s talking about. Her new moving, hilarious, and surprisingly informative book about pregnancy and motherhood, KID GLOVES: NINE MONTHS OF CAREFUL CHAOS, is coming from First Second in February 2019.


Italian rights have already gone to Rizzoli.



More Praise for LOVE THAT BUNCH!


Love That Bunch… It’s a form of fearless authenticity that’s now practically commonplace.”—San Francisco Magazine

“Shamelessly candid… Kominsky-Crumb has brought an uncompromising honesty and fearlessness to the comics form. She has refused to be contained by anyone else’s ideas about what is permissible to depict and to write about, and her work always surprises.” —Publishers Weekly