The Center for Cartoon Studies, USA
World rights

Robert Crumb
World rights

First Second Books, USAFrankfurt 2017 Catalogue
France, Holland, Italy, Portugal and Spain
Nick Bertozzi
Ben Hatke
Faith Erin Hicks
Lucy Knisley
Scott McCloud
Jordan Mechner
Leyland Myrick
Thien Pham
Paul Pope
Jillian Tamaki
Sara Varon
Gene Yang

Knockabout, UK
World rights to selected titles

Anne Opotowsky, US, with Aya Morton, Angie Hoffmeister and Amber Ma
The Walled City Trilogy
World rights

Jim Ottaviani, G.T. Labs, USG.T. Labs Catalogue
World rights to selected titles

Planeta Cómic, SpainCatalogue
English, Dutch, French, Portuguese and Italian languages worldwide

Quadrinhos na Cia. das Letras, Brazil
France, Holland, Italy, Spain, UK and Portugal

Eddie Campbell and Alan Moore, From Hell

Lat, Kampung Boy and Town Boy

Marcel RuijtersJheronimus Bosch, synopsis
France, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Brazil