The Team

Lora Lucca


Lora Fountain was born in America and is of Irish, Welsh and English descent. She moved to Paris in 1985 and founded her literary agency in 1987. Lora’s taste in literature is rather eclectic, as demonstrated by the books you’ll see on this site, with graphic novels being a particular specialty.





Léo Tortchinski, our Contract and Royalty Manager, arrived in Paris from Moscow. His routinely wandering around book shops and reading all kinds of literature eventually led him to The Lora Fountain Agency.






Chemsa Rachidi was born in Grenoble, raised in Normandie, of Berber, Senegalese, Tunisian and Ch’ti descent. Yet, her heart and soul is in Russia where she lived for five years. She holds a PhD in political science with a major in Russian studies. She enjoys reading, gardening, and following American politics, a close second passion after Russia (yeah, she is aware of the irony…)



We take on interns, so if you are an undergraduate student feel free to contact us to find out more information. One of our previous interns is now the Rights and Licensing Manager at Frankfurt Book Fair, and another is an agent with the Michael Meller Agency in Munich.

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