THE HAZEL WOOD Is a Best Book of 2018!

Melissa Albert’s THE HAZEL WOOD is on not one but two Best Books of 2018 lists!       First, the US edition was chosen for the New York Times list of  Five Notable YA Books for 2018 (one of the three novels, the other two books are nonfiction). The full article is here.    …

35 Weeks!

THE HAZEL WOOD is now in its 35th week on the New York Times YA Hardback Bestsellers List!    

HAZEL WOOD News Update

THE HAZEL WOOD is on the New York Times YA bestsellers list for its 28th week! Seven months! And check out the spectacular booth the Brazilian publishers created for THE HAZEL WOOD at the São Paolo book fair.  

Six Months for THE HAZEL WOOD!

THE HAZEL WOOD has just hit its 26th straight week on the New York Times YA Hardback Bestsellers list! Melissa Albert was just in Dublin and London for a whirlwind tour and a panel at the YALC conference last week. What a pleasure to finally meet her in person! 

Still a Bestseller!

THE HAZELWOOD has now been on the New York Times Bestsellers list for four straight months!  


LA FILLE QUI N’EXISTAIT PAS (the French title of CITY OF SAINTS AND THIEVES) has just received a fabulous review in Le Monde Afrique! “The American Natalie C. Anderson, author of this thrilling polar, holds the reins of her story so well that every revealed secret opens a new mystery and advances us from discovery to…

THE HAZEL WOOD Is Still a Best-seller!

  Congratulations are due to Melissa Albert, whose THE HAZEL WOOD is still on the New York Times best sellers list – for the twelfth week! This time at number 6! It’s just out in Spain at RBA:                 And is coming soon in France from Milan: