The Complete NIL Trilogy in One Volume!

A book club edition of the French translation of Lynne Matson’s NIL trilogy has now been published in a single volume by Editions de Noyelles. At 1400+ pages and weighing in at almost 1.4 kilos, it’s a biggie! And a thrilling read, too! Tell me. How DO you escape from an island that doesn’t exist?

YA Titles Just Out in France

      HONOR CODE by Kiersi Burkhart is now available from Fleurus under the title AU ROYAUME DES MENTEURS         and   Milan have just published Vicki Grant’s hilarious SHORT FOR CHAMELEON as  FAMILLE A LOUER.             Both authors are with the Transatlantic Agency in Toronto.

CITY OF SAINTS AND THIEVES Nominated for German Prize!

Natalie C. Anderson’s CITY OF SAINTS AND THIEVES has been nominated for the German Youth Literature Award 2019, the most prestigious and valuable prize the German children’s book industry gives out every year.Other nominees in the Young Adult Literature category include Neal Shusterman and Lauren Wolk, so Natalie is in stellar company!          …

A New Title from the Book Group!

Caitlyn Dlouhy at Atheneum/Dlouhy has acquired Jamaican-born author Desmond Hall‘s debut YA novel, Your Corner Dark, in a preempt. Set on the unforgiving streets and majestic mountains surrounding Kingston, Jamaica, the novel tells the story of Frankie, an ambitious high school student who has just earned a ticket out with a full ride scholarship to college…

THE HAZEL WOOD Is a Best Book of 2018!

Melissa Albert’s THE HAZEL WOOD is on not one but two Best Books of 2018 lists!       First, the US edition was chosen for the New York Times list of  Five Notable YA Books for 2018 (one of the three novels, the other two books are nonfiction). The full article is here.    …

35 Weeks!

THE HAZEL WOOD is now in its 35th week on the New York Times YA Hardback Bestsellers List!    

HAZEL WOOD News Update

THE HAZEL WOOD is on the New York Times YA bestsellers list for its 28th week! Seven months! And check out the spectacular booth the Brazilian publishers created for THE HAZEL WOOD at the São Paolo book fair.  

Six Months for THE HAZEL WOOD!

THE HAZEL WOOD has just hit its 26th straight week on the New York Times YA Hardback Bestsellers list! Melissa Albert was just in Dublin and London for a whirlwind tour and a panel at the YALC conference last week. What a pleasure to finally meet her in person!