Represented in French-language territories only unless noted otherwise:

Base Tres, Mexico
Children’s Books

Blue Heron Literary, US
YA fiction
French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese rights

Bookat Literary Agency, Italy
Children’s books

Faye Bender / The Book Group, US
YA and children’s fiction
French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese, English (UK), and Hebrew rights

The Bryson Agency, Australia
Adult fiction (Fantasy)
French and Italian rights

Margaret Connolly and Associates, Australia
Adult, YA and Children’s Fiction

Drummond Agency, Australia
Adult Fiction

Fuse Literary, US
YA and Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction

Hansen Literary Agency, US
Comic books and graphic novels

Hindsight Literary Agency, Australia
YA and Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction

K2 Literary, Canada
YA and Children’s Fiction
French, Dutch, Italian

Ki Agency, UK
Adult Fiction

Ute Körner Agency, Spain
Adult Fiction

Jennifer Luithlen Agency, UK
YA and Children’s Fiction

Metamorphosis Literary Agency
Commercial Fiction
French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese rights

Jane Novak Agency, Australia
Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction

The Rights Factory, Canada
YA and Children’s Fiction
French, Dutch and Italian

The Tomasino Agency, US
Adult Non-Fiction

Transatlantic Agency, Canada
YA and children’s fiction

The Unter Agency, US
Adult Fiction and Non-Fiction, YA and Children’s Fiction

Julio F-Yañez Agencia Literaria, Spain
Adult Fiction