Bill Albert, USA/UK
World rights

Gabo Léon Bernstein, Argentina
World rights, except Argentina

Eddie Campbell, UK
From Hell

Kristin Cashore
Primary agent: Faye Bender at The Book Group

Robert Crumb, USA/France
World rights

Erica Esmoris, Spain
World rights, except Spain

J.R.Helton, US
World rights

Alan Moore, UK
Jerusalem, World rights, except the UK
Voice of the Fire, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, From Hell

Anne Opotowsky, US, with Aya Morton, Angie Hoffmeister and Amber Ma
The Walled City Trilogy
World rights

Jim Ottaviani, G.T.Labs, US
World rights to selected titles

David M Pierce, Canada
World rights

Sara Rojo, Spain
World rights, except Spain

Gilbert Shelton & Pic, USA/France
World rights