Nine Out of Twenty! WOW!

Paste Magaine has published their list of 20 Best Kids Comics of 2018, and nine of the twenty are from our clients!

From First Second: there’s MARGO MALOO AND THE MONSTER MALL in first place! MARGO MALOO 2










Then come the DELILAH DIRK series and THE NAMELESS CITY series at numbers 2 and 3.


In sixth and seventh place are ALL SUMMER LONG and BE PREPARED, and ANIMUS rounds out the list at number 19.


In fifth place, from the Judith Hansen Agency, is THE PRINCE AND THE DRESSMAKER (also published by First Second). PRINCE & DRESSMAKER











And rounding out the list at numbers 16 and 20, from Scholastic Graphix, are HEY, KIDDO and HIDDEN WITCH.


Big contratulations to all the authors and to the agents and publishers – what a way to end the year! Bravo!

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