THE HAZEL WOOD Is Still a Best-seller!

  Congratulations are due to Melissa Albert, whose THE HAZEL WOOD is still on the New York Times best sellers list – for the twelfth week! This time at number 6! It’s just out in Spain at RBA:                 And is coming soon in France from Milan: 

Still a Bestseller!

THE HAZEL WOOD is now at number four as it goes into its ninth week on the New York Times Bestsellers list! 

HAZEL WOOD in NY Times Top 10 List for Third Week!

The US edition of  THE HAZEL WOOD is in the top 10 of the NY Times’ hardback bestsellers list  for the third week in a row! And here are two of the special editions of the UK edition: the Fairy Loot February box hardback (with a bookplate signed by Melissa Albert) and the Waterstones special edition…

THE HAZEL WOOD Goes to Rizzoli

Italian rights to Melissa Albert’s THE HAZEL WOOD have been pre-empted by Rizzoli Libri, making this the 16th foreign sale for this fantastic book! (Film rights have already been sold to Sony Pictures, with Red Wagon producing.) THE HAZEL WOOD was only published at the end of January in the US, but it’s already number 3…

Look What Just Arrived!

It’s our copy of the French edition of JERUSALEM by Alan Moore, accompanied by a tote bag with the portrait of the author and a nice note from the translator. What more can we ask for? Oh, yes, JERUSALEM has hit the French bestsellers list at number 34. Not bad for a 1200-page book!  

It’s “Best Books of the Year” Time

And JERUSALEM is getting selected! The latest list being NPR’s: NPR Best Books of 2016 JERUSALEM review.   “Alan Moore (the groundbreaking, hairy, British genius behind V for Vendetta and Watchmen) spent 10 years pecking away at this Really Big Book — a nearly 1,300-page masterpiece of ambition and focus in which the only character…


We are thrilled to announce that The Washington Post has named JERUSALEM  one of the Notable Books of 2016! (This is the UK boxed set.)

The National Post Loves JERUSALEM!

Here is yet another wonderful review for a book that is already a bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic just two weeks after publication: “Using the word “staggering” to describe Jerusalem, the new novel from English writer Alan Moore, might actually seem like an understatement… “But “staggering” is in fact most apt as a description…

New from the Ute Körner Agency

DÓNA’T (SURRENDER) by Àngels Bassas (Edicions 62/ Planeta) (in Catalan) The first adult novel by Catalan actress and writer Àngels Bassas. Literary women’s fiction on self-determination but also a love tribute to the world of theater, its backstage and hidden rules. Highlight of Edicions 62 for this summer 2016! #3 on the bestseller list this…