Back at Number 2!

After sixteen weeks on the New York Times YA hardback bestsellers list, FIREKEEPER’S DAUGHTER is back up to number two! It just shows you can’t keep a good book down!


We are very pleased to announce that Angeline Boulley’s bestselling FIREKEEPER’S DAUGHTER will be published in Dutch next year by The House of Books! Yet another translation sale for this excellent thriller.


THE NIGHT COUNTRY, Melissa Albert’s brilliant sequel to THE HAZEL WOOD, just came out in the US and the UK and is already number 5 on the New York Times YA bestsellers list!  


Film rights to Australian author John Flanagan’s fantasy-adventure series RANGER’S APPRENTICE have been acquired by Dick Cook Studios with production starting in mid-2020. Published by Random House Children’s, the 12-book ‘Ranger’s Apprentice’ series, as well as its two prequels and spinoff series, have sold more than 15 million copies worldwide. Click here to read the…

THE HAZEL WOOD Is a Best Book of 2018!

Melissa Albert’s THE HAZEL WOOD is on not one but two Best Books of 2018 lists!       First, the US edition was chosen for the New York Times list of  Five Notable YA Books for 2018 (one of the three novels, the other two books are nonfiction). The full article is here.    …

35 Weeks!

THE HAZEL WOOD is now in its 35th week on the New York Times YA Hardback Bestsellers List!    

HAZEL WOOD News Update

THE HAZEL WOOD is on the New York Times YA bestsellers list for its 28th week! Seven months! And check out the spectacular booth the Brazilian publishers created for THE HAZEL WOOD at the São Paolo book fair.  

Six Months for THE HAZEL WOOD!

THE HAZEL WOOD has just hit its 26th straight week on the New York Times YA Hardback Bestsellers list! Melissa Albert was just in Dublin and London for a whirlwind tour and a panel at the YALC conference last week. What a pleasure to finally meet her in person!