SAILOR TWAIN soon to be in Spanish


Mark Siegel’s lyrical graphic novel, SAILOR TWAIN, has already been published in France (Gallimard) and Italy (Bao), and now Spanish rights have been sold to Principal de los Libros.

TWAIN_COVER“A gripping novel with compelling characters, enhanced by haunting, erotically charged drawings.” – John Irving

“This extraordinary work of fiction pushes the graphic novel well beyond its previous limits.  The narrative takes us on many journeys through space and time, but is more than a mere tale.  It’s about the past and present, the absolute importance of myth, of language, of stories themselves.  In superb words and drawings, it also explores obsession and love in a way that is original to the genre, and to literature itself.  In the best sense, the completed work succeeds in a very difficult task: making the reader more human.  Bravo!” – Pete Hamill

“Addictive.” – Rachel Maddow




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