Bryan Konietzko’s new THREADWORLDS series to be published by First Second!


THREADWORLDS, Bryan Konietzko’s solo graphic novel debut — and First Second is the publisher!

THREADWORLDS (big)THREADWORLDS is an ambitious and passionate 5-volume graphic novel series – an Asimov-style world-spanning epic quest for Nova, a young marsupial humanoid with a love of scientific research in a world where girls are not allowed to study.

A non-fiction dimension adds further to the daring conceit, and the story’s research involves an astrophysicist and a evolutionary biologist, keeping plausible science in the science fiction.

Convincing and astonishing creatures, worlds, action, humor, tons of heart, gorgeous visuals — all the hallmarks Avatar fans have embraced fill this project.

To see the full announcement and interview with Bryan Konietzko in Entertainment Weekly, go to:

The first book in the THREADWORLDS series will be published in Spring 2017, to be followed by one volume per year.

(image credit: Entertainment Weekly)

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