The National Post Loves JERUSALEM!


Here is yet another wonderful review for a book that is already a bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic just two weeks after publication:

“Using the word “staggering” to describe Jerusalem, the new novel from English writer Alan Moore, might actually seem like an understatement…

“But “staggering” is in fact most apt as a description of the content, not the vessel. As would be “impressive.” Revelatory. Awe-inspiring.

“…the novel features a powerful narrative, with well-wrought characters and considerable emotional pay-off. The fact that Jerusalem succeeds so well as a reading experience – …is a testament to the force of Moore’s vision and his ability to render it into reader-friendly form. It’s beautifully written, rich and lovely even when depicting the ugliness of worlds both external and internal.

“Yes, it’s very long, but it needs to be… This is a vision unlike anything readers have ever encountered; if that’s self-indulgence, we should be encouraging it.”

Read the whole review.alan-moore-september-2016






Alan Moore at the launch of JERUSALEM in London on 8 September 2016.



(Photo Copyright © Lora Fountain, 2016)

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