It’s “Best Books of the Year” Time

And JERUSALEM is getting selected!

The latest list being NPR’s: NPR Best Books of 2016 JERUSALEM review.




“Alan Moore (the groundbreaking, hairy, British genius behind V for Vendetta and Watchmen) spent 10 years pecking away at this Really Big Book — a nearly 1,300-page masterpiece of ambition and focus in which the only character that really matters is the place where it’s set: a half-mile-square patch of working-class Northampton, England, known as the Boroughs. Sure, other characters show up. There are angels and prostitutes, James Joyce and Oliver Cromwell, the plain and the famous. But they are all temporary. The Boroughs is eternal. And Moore chronicles it all in a novel that is insane in the best possible way; which reads in its best moments like a bedtime story for the overeducated and verbose, and in its worst like a wild, boundless experiment in the extremes of modern storytelling.”

–Jason Sheehan, book critic


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