Entertainment Weekly publishes a preview of FIREKEEPER’S DAUGHTER, to come in Spring 2021

An exclusive excerpt of FIREKEEPER’S DAUGHTER (The Book Group) by Angeline Boulley is previewed on Entertainment Weekly.

Follow Daunis Fontaine, a biracial 18 years old who is faced with difficult decisions concerning a strange murder and the role she finds herself playing in its aftermath. Daunis must ask herself: what does it mean to be a strong Ojibwe woman?

Read more here in this tantalizing preview of Boulley’s debut novel, and let it leave you wanting more!

FIREKEEPER’S DAUGHTER will be published in North America by Henry Holt in Spring 2021. French-language rights have been sold to Editions Nathan (France) and to Groupe Sogides Inc (French North America), Italian to Rizzoli, UK/ANZ to OneWorld, and (just this week) Hebrew to Kinneret-Zmora.

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